What To Do With Decorative Concrete

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Decorative Concrete Birmingham

One of the best suggestions we have is to consider the driveway of your home. When making plans for landscaping or making your home have better curb appeal, people often forget to think about the driveway.

It is, though, one of the primary items that stand out for people to see when they drive by or come to visit. When they pull up to your home, the eye is drawn to a focal point and since the driveway is so large, it is one of the things people look at or absorb subconsciously when looking at your home.

If your driveway has stains from vehicles or other reason, is cracked, discolored, or ugly, it will throw off anything else you do to try to improve your curb appeal.

Sometimes people think it will cost too much to have the driveway resurfaced, so they don’t even bother. But with today’s innovative tools and inventions, it is a very affordable way to bump your home’s aesthetic appeal in your neighborhood.

Decorative concrete is one option for your concrete driveway that will go far to enhance the look of your landscaping and exterior of your home, but will not cost as much as some of the other choices you could make.

Decorative concrete applications are not for the unfit or inexperienced person, so keep that in mind before you decide whether to do it yourself or not. Yet the steps are not complicated…

  • Generally, the driveway is first cleaned so that any concrete patching or stain will bond to the existing surface. An acid wash or pressure wash may be used.

  • Cracks are filled and smoothed.

  • Color is applied to the resurfacing mixture.

  • The resurfacing material is applied to the driveway.

  • The surface is brushed with a broom to create a slip-resistant finish.

  • In general, wait at least 24 hrs or longer if cold before driving on the driveway.

The resurfacer is a powder available in either 20, 40, or 80 pound bags. One 40 pound bag will resurface about 90 sq ft at 1/16” thickness. The material is mixed with water and applied with a squeegee.

Concrete is a practical, versatile, and inexpensive material. It can be stained, painted, stamped, polished, grinded, and more. You can imbed objects into it or mold it to be creative.

When resurfaced, your driveway will really wow you. Just the fact that the cracks and stains are gone will improve your home’s value, but adding a slight tint of color that enhances the rest of your home’s curb appeal will really sink in the wow factor.

At John Russell Landscape Architect, we can put the wow factor back into the curb appeal of your home with decorative concrete. Just give us a call at the number below to learn more.

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