Everything in these images has been designed and built by John Russell Landscape Architect

We’re environmentally friendly. At the The Russell Design Group take ecological design seriously. We have developed numerous groundbreaking techniques for the reuse of materials onsite. Reusing materials saves money and energy by reducing haul-off and dumping fees, and decreasing the amount of materials that have to be brought in. We make a strong effort to reuse most plant materials on jobs. In the Summer of 2008 during the drought, we moved 28 3” caliper trees and hundreds of other shrubs and groundcovers on a residential jobsite, losing only 1 dwarf gardenia. By using MYCOR mycorrhizal fungi with aqua-gel and start up hormones/fertilizer and healing the plants in soil conditioner, we have been able to achieve close to 100% success with moving plants even in the harshest weather. But recycling of materials only starts there. We have developed techniques for the reuse of concrete onsite in the landscape to build walls, tables, benches, stairs, firepits, etc. In many job situations concrete must be removed for the creation of a new drive, patio, swimming pool or terrace. Instead of hauling this material to a landfill, we use it enhance the landscape. Please see the galleries for examples of used concrete in many landscape applications.