Landscape Design Ideas for Your Home

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FireplacesImagine yourself sitting on your covered backyard patio, enjoying a nice glass of tea or your favorite beverage. It’s so relaxing when you can spend time on a nice day in the outdoors. Having a covered patio or sitting area is even better since you are shaded from the sun, protected from acorns falling, or the occasional rain shower.

Covered patio areas are wonderful. But what makes them really sing is the addition of ceiling fans. An outdoor ceiling fan can give you the feel of a gentle breeze or more powerful flow of air when the seasons change toward warmer weather. On a warm, summer night, a ceiling fan or two can make outdoor time worlds more enjoyable.

Ceiling fans are very useful in distributing the air in an environment. You can save money by running your heating and air systems less because the air will be rotated around room and stirred sufficiently to more properly regulate temperature.

Hot air rises, so you will always have warmer air higher in the room. If stirred, the air is mixed and of more uniform and true temperature.

If the thermostat is in any way in the wrong area of the home, hitting a cold or hot spot, it will function better when the air was mixed before it hits the thermostat.

Ceiling fans in one area mix the air sufficiently to also send air into other rooms. Every room in the house has doorways that obstruct airflow (especially heat). The ceiling fan will cause the mixed air to reach to other areas through doorways, archways, or other obstructions.

Ceiling fans normally have a reverse feature. In the default mode, air is pulled down from the high areas and flows downward and around. In reverse mode, air is pulled from below and flows upward to be mixed with the warm air that is accumulated higher in the air.

Most homes have easy access to already placed outdoor wiring that an electrician can easily connect the ceiling fan to. We can connect the wiring for the ceiling fan to wiring that runs to outdoor outlets or existing light fixtures.

Our professionals at John Russell Landscape Architect can create any type of landscape you can dream of. From poolside waterfalls to swimming ponds, to water gardens, to a simple covered patio with ceiling fans and porch swings, we have you covered.

Your landscape is your dream scape. Let us help you discover what it is you’re really wanting for your outdoor space and come up with a design that will function best for everyone in the family.

From planting choices to natural stone choices to arbors, fountains, lighting, and more, our professional design and landscape architect services will build quality and sophisticated outdoor spaces for you.

You have so many options you can choose from that sometimes it gets difficult to make decisions. That’s where professionals like us come in. A truly good landscaping company can help you with your design and plans as well as performing the build. We are dedicated to helping you here at John Russell Landscape Architect.

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